The Chaplet of Divine Mercy

What is the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and why did Jesus give this most powerful prayer to St. Faustina? What promises did he make for salvation to all who would pray it? Learn all about how you can say this prayer to implore God’s mercy on mankind, the dying, and all sinners by meditating on the merits of His Passion. Join Fr. Chris Alar, MIC, and Vinny Flynn for the fourth episode about the channels of grace available through devotion to Divine Mercy.

Watch Fr. Chris Alar and the Marian Fathers and Brothers from the National Shrine of Divine Mercy on our new show Living Divine Mercy airing every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. ET on EWTN. Through teaching segments, Bible and St. Faustina Diary excerpts, as well as real-life examples of people who are living Divine Mercy in their lives, you will learn why Jesus said Divine Mercy is mankind's last hope of salvation!

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